Landscape Construction & Masonry

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Our range and mastery of outdoor spaces begins indoors, as a close linkage to interior functions of the house correlate closely with immediate outdoor spaces. Square footage needed indoors can expand out, as we have created over the years outdoor kitchens, patios, and pools for relaxation and entertainment. Coloration, texture, and quality of masonry materials are carefully selected both in the design office and by hand in the stone yard for the client. This is done so that their look and feel complements the architecture, use and mood of the residence, instead of fighting it and creating 'loud' spaces. Our masons then utilize almost four decades of experience in Fairfield County to expertly install these outdoor features. Everything is planned and accounted for, from seamlessly integrating appliances, lighting, and furniture selection for these masonry spaces for a perfect outdoor living experience.

Homeowners, over the years of living at a residence, can often feel that their outdoor spaces are unusable, due to their steep grade, unevenness or depth. In many instances this can be corrected with a retaining wall, terracing, or boulder retaining wall in order to level spaces and make them usable. Our construction team are expert craftsmen that excel at the construction of these difficult retaining systems, and you can rest at ease knowing that your investment will hold up through the years.

Northeast Horticultural Services prides itself on quality designs that are executed in-house. Very little is subcontracted out, as we employ a wide range of artisans, from masons and plantsmen to arborists and grading experts, all closely monitored by the design team. This gives us greater control of the outcome in conformance with original designed intent.

In the case of planting, there is no other installation team that rivals Northeast Horticultural. Our planting knowledge, accrued from years of cutting edge study and research at the Collegiate level, is transferred to our crews. We constantly train, teach and test our crews in order to maximize plant health for the sake of homeowner investment and our love of all things green.