Landscape Design and Installation

Landscape Design & Installation

Landscape Architecture is a profession that incorporates design, horticulture, earth science and construction. It includes a broad base of knowledge in theory and practical application. The profession is regulated in all states and requires licensing and registration by state boards. Thus, we are well versed in all elements of design. We employ backgrounds of artistry and science in order to create sustainable landscapes; both aesthetically pleasing to the eye and responsible to our environment. We also differ from other firms by employing responsibility for our designs by having our highly trained installation team execute the work. By employing these sustainable and efficient practices, we not only put the right plant in the right place, but make it look spectacular in the process while keeping maintenance costs down.

Differing Styles of Landscape Architecture

Here in Fairfield County, the Cultural Landscape most often resembles that of the colonial era. The architecture of buildings, the stone walls running through fields and woods, and fencing material all pays homage to our past as a colonial landscape. This explains why, consciously or subconsciously, homeowners construct new stone walls, erect white picket fences, and install bluestone patio stones: all in order to conform to this cultural landscape. At Northeast Horticultural Services, we believe that the landscaping should complement the architecture of the house. For colonial architectural residences, this often involves using plant material such as boxwood, hollies, and hydrangeas in a formal style - all plants that lend themselves to colonial style plantings. Modern architecture is best matched by Italianesque landscape design and plant material. Craftsman - style homes are often best paired with specimen evergreens and grasses. Saltbox residences, depending on where they are located, are complemented to Bayberry, Rugosa Rose, grasses, and hollies. Cape Cod - style homes enjoy a little more flexibility in landscape design, but the foundation for complementing the architecture has its roots in colonial - era design. Ranch - style homes enjoy the most flexibility for having landscaping match the residence, but due to its distant relation to craftsman - style, should have at least one specimen evergreen located at a prominent location. It goes without saying that at any time we are willing to deviate from these pre-conceived notions due to the client's request, and will create a spectacular landscape in the process. At Northeast Horticultural Services, we embrace these differing styles of architecture, but also allow for the client to express their interest towards a distinctive style of landscape design.