Large Specimen Tree Acquisition and Installation

large specimen tree acquisition installation connecticut

Northeast Horticultural Services specializes in the acquisition and installation of large specimen trees. A specimen tree can significantly increase the value of your property, provide instant screening, and fill the void left by the loss of a diseased or dying mature tree.

Northeast Horticultural Services provides programs that specializes in all aspects of tree care for the life of your specimen tree.

Your trees need to be kept maintained in order for the proper airflow and light to penetrate through the crown of the tree for healthier interior foliage. Keeping your tree clean and thinned will prevent disease, weak branches, weak crotches, and reduces the wind-sail effect. Mature trees that have been wisely selected and correctly planted, trained and cared for should require very little pruning. Your mature tree should be examined annually to decide which limbs should be removed. A tree that has been incorrectly pruned can lead to future problems, increased cost and failing. A well-pruned tree should not look pruned. Maintaining your tree will also increase the health of plant life below the tree by allowing light to penetrate.