Organic Land and Lawn Care

organic garden

An actual 5 acre organic lawn thriving since 2007

We want your lawn to be safer for you, your family and pets and for our environment. At NEHS we aim to reduce or eliminate pesticides and toxic chemicals in our environment. This can be done with the right amount of time, the right mindset and the proper inputs.

When taking care of your lawn we view ourselves as farmers of grass. All healthy crops start with healthy soils. The first thing we will do is a soil analysis to determine what is in your soil and what would be the best way to create a healthy soil environment. Healthy soils have a high organic content and are teeming with biological activity. Conventional pesticides and chemicals can actually harm your lawn as they kill the organisms that help produce the nutrients your lawn needs.

A large part of our organic lawn program revolves around continually sowing the seeds of the crop we want to grow, GRASS! A lawn with a tight network of grass is the best defense against weeds. Hot soil breeds weeds. By having a tight network of grass and keeping it cut at 3.5 inches or longer will keep your soil cooler and naturally slow down the emergence of broadleaf weeds. Along with lots of grass seed, we also are large advocators of applying compost topdressing to your lawn to increase the organic matter in your soil. Add an application of compost tea to begin the biological breakdown process and you are well on your way to a healthy soil and lawn.

When it comes to insect control in your lawns we are very adept at using beneficial insects and fungus to fight the insects naturally. We use a combination of nematodes and milky spores to create an unfriendly atmosphere where insect pests cannot or do not want to live.