Plant Health Care

Air Spade

One of the wonderful new advancements in tree care and preservation is the air spade. It is quickly replacing the chainsaw as the tool of choice for many arborists as it can be used to provide a myriad of benefits for trees. The air spade allows for the quick and non-destructive excavation of soil for a variety of reasons. It is used a labor saving excavation tool that can be used to plant flowers and shrubs under the dripline of existing trees, it can create trenches in areas with utilities without disturbing root systems and help save time when doing root flare injections.

It is great as a diagnostic tool for sick trees. When we see problems in the above ground parts of trees, it is generally associated with a problem that started in the root system. The air spade provides a way to check out what is going on within the root system without causing damage to the root system itself. It can be used for root collar excavations to exposing girdling roots so they can be remedied or to remove excess soil over the root flares to alleviate stress. It is also used for root collar exposure for the treatment of root rot diseases. And most importantly it can play a pivotal role in saving damaged trees by providing root system enhancements. It can alleviate soil compaction caused by construction damage and provides improved aeration to encourage new root growth. It can also be used to incorporate organic matter that is needed to provide healthy soil that is teeming with biological activity that tree roots so desperately require to flourish.

If you have trees that are suffering and not flourishing, let us know. We will come out and assess the tree and see if it is a good candidate that will benefit from air spading technology.