Plant Health Care

Insect Disease Diagnosis

Insect Disease Diagnosis

Plants, shrubs, and trees are susceptible to damage from disease and insects. At Northeast Horticultural Services, we provide plant insect identification, plant disease diagnosis, and plant health care services in Fairfield, Weston, Westport, Connecticut, and the surrounding areas. Our goal is to utilize integrated pest management strategies that are customized to the needs of your landscape in order to reduce insects and disease, and to prevent future damage or destruction of the foliage in your home.

We have extensive knowledge and applications to cure a wide variety of diseases and pests, and restore the health and beauty of your landscape. The most important component of resolving plant health care problems is to accurately evaluate and identify the source of the disease or infestation. Our expert technicians begin by assessing your landscape for accurate plant disease diagnosis and plant insect identification.

Based on the results of our assessment, we look for preventative measures to ensure that each plant in your garden or backyard is located in the right place and implement effective strategies for plants that are very susceptible to certain pests and diseases. We take the time to understand the problem and provide a customized solution for every client.

If you need a certified arborist in the areas of Fairfield, Weston, Westport, Connecticut, and the surrounding areas, we offer insect and disease management service. We also provide plant, shrub and tree maintenance service to meet the exact requirements for your landscape. Additional information about our services can be found on this website and we encourage you to contact us to discuss your needs with an arborist.