Plant Health Care

Integrated Pest Management Strategies

integrated pest management strategies

In all of our Plant Health Care programs, we use Integrated Pest Management tactics as often as possible. The goal of integrated pest management is not to eliminate all pests; some pests are tolerable and essential so that their natural enemies remain in the landscape. Rather, the goal is to protect your valuable landscape plants using low impact methods and ingredients to minimize populations of insects & mites, while maintaining environmental sensibility.

We start by using a pro-active approach to assess your property. By determining which species of plants, their location and condition first, we can then determine a course of action that will protect your landscape with minimal impact on the environment.

The control tactics used in integrated pest management include pest resistant or tolerant plants, and cultural, physical, mechanical, biological, and chemical control. Northeast Horticultural Services applies multiple control tactics to minimize the chance that insects will adapt to any one tactic.

By having our trained technicians routinely monitor your property, we can catch insect and disease problems for both your plants and trees before chemical controls would be necessary. Having your property monitored regularly will greatly reduce the amount of pesticides used in your plant health care program.