Lightning Protection

Lightning Protection Systems

Lightning protection systems are a series of rods and cables which attempt to channel the electricity from a lightning strike through the cable to the ground safely without damaging the tree. Lightning protection systems are used to reduce the risk of damage to trees from lightning strikes. Protected trees shall not be considered a safe haven from lightning strikes. According to the ISA, trees of historical interest, trees of unusual value, shade trees within 10 feet of a building, trees with branches overhanging buildings, tall trees in recreational or park areas, trees that are more likely to be struck by their location such as isolated tree on a hill, in a golf course or in a pasture should be equipped with a lightning protection system. Small trees located under the drip line or very close to a larger tree with a lightning protection system usually do not need their own lightning protection system.

Northeast Horticultural Services can evaluate, recommend, and install a formidable lightning protection system according to our customers' individual needs.