Tree Valuation & Appraisals

Landscape appraisals are an extremely comprehensive determination of the relative value of a piece of landscaping. Appraisals are primarily used in insurance claims. If you have a piece of landscaping damaged by a hurricane, for example, an arborist will come onto your property and determine the relative value of the landscaping that was damaged.

Landscape appraisals essentially allow insurance companies to put a dollar amount on landscaping damage. There are consequently a number of different factors that go into determining the value of a piece of landscape. Landscaping can have value that is based on its replacement cost alone, or its value might be in part determined by its location, or possibly its species rating.

Northeast Horticultural Services can determine the "cost of cure" for any damaged landscape. This term refers to the cost involved in fixing the damage done to a particular piece of landscaping. We'll take into account the various strategies that may be used to counteract the damage, including tree removal, tree pruning, or cables and braces to support a weakened tree or particular branches. We are well-versed in all the various formulas used to determine the relative value of trees that are simply not replaceable, and we will use our knowledge to help ensure that your landscaping is properly appraised, regardless of the complexity of the situation.