Arborist, Landscaping & Tree Service Weston, CT

Northeast Horticultural Services provides landscape design, tree service, and plant health care services for residential and commercial properties in Weston, CT and the surrounding areas. Whether you need a landscape architect to design landscaping for a large commercial complex, or an arborist for a sick tree in your backyard, we have professional arborists and landscape specialists with the skill and expertise to meet your needs.

At Northeast Horticultural Services, we take a holistic approach to the care, maintenance, and protection of trees, shrubs, and plants. We provide a full range of cost effective landscape management services to provide the level of service that suits your needs and organic lawn care and tree service that is sensitive to the environment.

Our team of professionals has extensive knowledge of plant health care and organic lawn care to maintain beautiful landscape throughout the year. Whether insects, disease, or urban stressors are harming your trees or shrubs, we have an arborist that can diagnose the problem and recommend the most appropriate solution.

Selecting the right trees and plants for a specific environment is the key to a lush and healthy landscape. When plants are in the most suitable environment, they are less susceptible to insects and disease. Let a landscape architect from Northeast Horticultural Services work with you to select plants that are best suited to your environment and lifestyle.

Additional information about our solutions for landscape design and installation, plant health care, organic lawn care, and tree services can be found on our website. Please contact us today for all your outdoor maintenance needs in Weston, CT.