Organic Services

organic services

Recycling leaves as mulch, as pictured,
is both environmentally responsible
and aesthetically pleasing.

Northeast Horticultural Services offers organic programs that promote outstanding land stewardship based on the ecological principles of nutrient cycling, biotic regulation of pests and biodiversity.

Our organic programs advocate safe, healthy property management using organic and least toxic practices and products that nurture and protect the health of families, pets, wildlife and the environment from unnecessary exposure to toxic pesticides.

As a certified member of the Northeast Organic Farming Association (NOFA), we are committed to managing your property in a way that maintains environmental integrity.

   Our principles to land care include:

  • Do no harm - taking a precautionary approach to materials and methods that protect or restore elements important to the local ecosystem
  • Grow the right plant in the right place in healthy soil appropriate to the habitat and needs of the plant
  • Encourage and enhance natural biological cycles
  • Use renewable resources from local sources
  • Use a closed system to supply organic matter and nutrients
  • Protect biological and landscape diversity
  • Provide a safe working environment and consider social and ecological impacts

Our Organic Services