Professional Landscaping for Westport, Connecticut Homes & Businesses

Are you currently looking for landscaping solutions that exceed the "norm"? Are you interested in creating unique visual elements on your property, or are you thinking about taking a safer and more 'natural' approach to your property landscape maintenance endeavors? Whatever the case may be, let the experts at Northeast Horticultural Services cater to your Westport, Connecticut home or business!

Unlike other traditional arborist or landscape companies, our goal is to provide services that not only enhance the natural beauty of your property, but are sensitive to the local environment as well. By utilizing the most cutting edge technology and resources, we're able to provide organic lawn care, responsible tree service and much more than will allow your property to thrive and flourish all year-round.

When you work with one of our landscape architect professionals, you'll discover that our creative approach makes all the difference in the finished product. From custom masonry to strategically planned designs, our experienced staff will go above and beyond to create some of the most interesting and beautiful landscapes in the entire Westport, Connecticut area.

If you're ready to get started learning more about our services and approach, give our friendly staff a call today. We're happy to provide free quotes on all of our services - from basic landscape design to large tree installations. Simply call 203-375-0553 to get started learning more about how Northeast Horticultural Services can completely transform the look and feel of your property.