Proud to be Accredited by the TCIA

One of the certifications we are most proud to hold is our TCIA accreditation. We have held this industry gold standard designation since 2017 and have recently been reaccredited. The TCIA is a wonderful organization to be affiliated with because they provide continuing safety, training and education programs in order to promote the safest and most professional practice of tree care.
Here’s a kind message we received from TCIA with our certificate. Thank you, TCIA!
“We are proud of your efforts to maintain your company among the highest levels of professionals in our industry – TCIA-accredited companies and want to acknowledge your accomplishment given the challenges tree care companies have faced this year responding to the COVID-19 pandemic and your company specifically for going through re-accreditation while trying to develop a new facility for your tree care business.”

About the Tree Care Industry Association (TCIA)

Founded in 1938, TCIA is a public and professional resource on trees and arboriculture. It has more than 2,300 member companies who recognize stringent safety and performance standards and who are required to carry liability insurance. TCIA also has the nation’s only Accreditation program that helps consumers find tree care companies that adhere to industry standards for quality and safety; maintain trained, professional staff; and are dedicated to ethical and professional business practices. With access to the latest and best safety standards and training, the typical TCIA member company has 50% fewer accidents than a typical non-member.

To learn more about TCIA’s Professional Communications Award program, visit