Hire an Arborist for Large Tree Installation & Maintenance

Northeast Horticultural Services specializes in the acquisition and installation of large specimen trees.

Benefits of large specimen trees include:
  • Significantly increases the value of your property
  • Provides instant screening
  • Fill the void left by the loss of a diseased or dying mature tree
Specimen Tree Maintenance Programs

We also provide programs that specialize in all aspects of tree care for the life of your specimen tree. It’s important for your trees to be consistently maintained by a licensed arborist for healthier roots, stems, and foliage.

We also offer complete Plant Health Care, Tree Services, and Organic Services.

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Landscape Services
Landscape Services

Our Landscape Services

Landscape Design & Installation
Landscape Design

Landscape design is a profession that incorporates art, horticulture, earth science and construction. We utilize sustainable and efficient practices to make your landscape look spectacular.

Land Care
Organic Land Care

As organic accredited land care providers, our team of experts are dedicated to being good stewards of the earth. We use a specific set of principles to provide a solution which is gentle on our earth.

Specimen Tree Acquisition & Installation
Large Tree Installation

A specimen tree can significantly increase the value of your property, provide instant screening, and fill the void left by the loss of a diseased or dying mature tree.

All Inclusive Landscape Management
Landscape Management

Northeast Horticultural Services has the resources and expertise to provide an all-inclusive landscape management programs available as a la carte, or tailored to accommodate your need and budget.

Landscape Construction & Masonry
Masonry - Patio

Our landscape design and construction team are experts in helping you gain square footage by installing outdoor kitchens, patios, walls, and pools for relaxation and entertainment.

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