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At Northeast Horticultural Services, our primary goal is to restore plants, shrubs, and trees to health and vitality every time we can. However, despite our best intentions and efforts, some trees and shrubs cannot be saved. If this is the case, we offer large tree removal and shrub removal services for homeowners throughout Milford, New Haven, Weston, Westport, Fairfield, CT, and all of Fairfield County.

Uprooting dead trees and shrubs will improve the aesthetic appeal and the safety of your home, since dead trees can pose a threat to people and your property during storms or high winds.

If you are unsure about whether a tree on your property needs to be removed, contact us today. We can send a licensed arborist to your property to assess the condition of your tree and determine if tree removal is necessary. If you recently had a tree removed, our team can also perform the necessary stump grinding and removal work to ensure your yard is safe.

There are several factors that determine if we should remove a tree:
  • The tree or shrub is dying or dead.
  • The tree has sustained damage and poses a safety hazard.
  • It’s an insurmountable obstacle.
  • It needs to be removed for construction purposes.
  • The immediate area contains too many trees and they are causing crowding. This can damage surrounding trees and the problem tree should be removed or transplanted to allow others to grow.

Our tree care specialists have the training, expertise, and state of the art equipment to ensure efficient service and preserve the safety of individuals and property.

Removing Trees Can Help Your Landscape

Our expert arborists want to help keep your property in the best condition possible throughout the year with specialized landscape maintenance tailored to your land. That’s why Northeast Horticultural Services provides smart landscape design, in-depth plant health care, and custom fertilization at competitive rates for homeowners throughout Fairfield County, CT.

Dealing with a bug problem? Let us be the solution. Our pest management services will take care of any annoying or unsafe infestation issues that you may have. You can always turn to our professional crew for efficient tree removal or high-quality tree care if you’re concerned about one or several trees in your yard.

Why You Should Hire a Professional for Tree Removal Services

Trees are an excellent addition to your residential property adding privacy, shade, and beauty. Unfortunately, sometimes a tree may be causing more harm than good, and it is time for tree removal. While you may think you can save yourself a few bucks and perform a tree removal on your own, it is wise to hire a professional. Below are a few reasons to hire a tree removal company instead of doing it yourself.

Safety: Removing a tree is not easy; it can be hazardous if you do not know what you are doing. You may have to climb a tree and remove heavy branches, and to ensure you, your family, and your property are safe, it is best to hire a professional.

Experience: When you hire a professional, you can have peace of mind knowing they have the knowledge, tools, and expertise to remove your trees safely and correctly.

Saves Money: If you decide to remove a tree on your own, you will have to buy all the tools required to complete your tree removal, and you may never use these tools again. If you make a mistake, you could risk causing damage to your property which will cost you more money in the long run.

Protect Your Property: If you try to remove a tree on your own and don’t have the proper tools or knowledge, it can significantly affect your curb appeal. When you hire a professional, they will ensure your tree is completely removed, enhancing the appearance of your property.

When you need a tree removed from your property, leave the dirty work to the professionals at Northeast Horticultural Services. Give us a call to schedule an appointment for tree removal. We proudly offer services to Weston, Westport, Fairfield, CT, and the surrounding areas.

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Tree Removal
Tree Removal

Our Tree Care Services

Arborist Services
Arborist Services

We have licensed arborists with the training and expertise to resolve existing problems with your landscape, prevent future problems with the foliage and preserve the health of the plants, shrubs, and trees on your property.

Tree Pruning
Tree Pruning

Pruning your trees on a regular basis keeps them healthy and beautiful. In addition to maintaining the aesthetic beauty of your trees, there are a number of reasons why pruning is essential.

Tree Removal
Tree Removal

Our primary goal is to restore plants, shrubs, and trees to health and vitality but some cannot be saved. We offer large tree and shrub removal to improve aesthetic appeal and safety of your home.

Tree Planting & Transplanting
Tree Planting & Transplanting

We have the means to relocate almost any size tree over most distances. When new trees are required, we can assist in the design and selection of the best species suited to the conditions on your property.

Tree Preservation
Tree Preservation

Our licensed arborists can provide a thorough tree evaluation to assess the health of a tree and determine the best solution: saving it through pruning, fertilizing or air spading, or if it requires removal.

Hazard Tree Assessment & Storm Damage Removal
Storm Damage Removal

Our arborists can evaluate hazardous trees that may pose a potential safety risk to people and property. If the problem is detected early enough, it may be possible to correct it rather than removing the tree.

Stump Grinding & Removal
Stump Grinding

What’s left when you remove a tree? Often times, the stump. If we need to remove a tree on your property, we offer both stump grinding and stump removal services and will recommend the best option for you.

Other Tree Services
Lightning Protection

Other tree services we offer include a comprehensive tree inventory, cabling and bracing and lightning protection. 

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