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Organic Lawn Care is a process.  It is a process that takes time and commitment from the client and the lawn care provider.  We are committed to educating our consumers and designing a customized program for each client.  Our mission is to save the world by eliminating bad nitrogen sources, herbicides and pesticides one yard at a time!

The organic lawn process starts with healthy soil.  Successful organic lawn programs always start with a comprehensive soil analysis.  Lawn and soil are interdependent living systems, so understanding the composition of the soil is critical in creating a healthy organic lawn.

One teaspoon of soil can contain millions of beneficial bacteria, fungi and micro-organisms.  Our programs enrich and feed those beneficial organisms so they can work harder to sustain our desired crop of lawn.  Our programs rely heavily on composting, aerating and seeding to promote active, healthy soils.  Traditional and synthetic lawn products actually work to sterilize the soil and eliminate the good guys, making your lawn dependent on products and natural resources.

We apply our organic land care principles in our organic lawn care programs.  We also consider the total square footage of traditional turf you need.  A good organic lawn program always incorporates traditional turf alternatives that can be much more sustainable.  Low mow fescue meadows, wildflower meadows, moss and sustainable plantings may be much more suited to your site than a traditional blue grass lawn.

We also offer complete Plant Health Care, Tree Care, and Landscape Services.

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Organic Lawn Care

Our Organic Land Care Services

Organic Land Care
Organic Land Care

As organic accredited land care providers, our team of experts are dedicated to being good stewards of the earth. We use a specific set of principles to provide a solution which is gentle on our earth.

Organic Lawn Care
Organic Land Care

Our team of experts is committed to implementing the process of organic lawn care by eliminating bad nitrogen sources, herbicides and pesticides and designing a customized program for every client.

Organic Insect & Tick Management
Organic Tick Control

Our arborists will evaluate your property to assess the level of tick activity and create custom tick control protocols. We offer three different levels of control, completely organic, natural and synthetic.

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