Plant Health Care Services
for Fairfield County, CT

All homeowners in Fairfield County, CT should be concerned with plant health care if they want to have a thriving, healthy landscape. Choosing the right plants is the core element behind a quality landscape design. At Northeast Horticultural Services, we believe in planting the right plant in the right place in order to promote healthier trees and shrubs, and in turn, a healthier environment. Our licensed arborists, lawn care specialists and skilled personnel work together with you to determine which plants suit your site, lifestyle, architecture, environment and theme.

Trees and shrubs that are planted in an environment that suits them will be able to ward off insects and diseases and live longer, healthier lives.

Occasionally, trees and shrubs can become sick due to environmental stress, climate change, insects or disease problems. When this happens, our arborists are available to diagnose these problems and suggest the right plant health care solution for the situation.

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The Benefits of Plant Health Care

Our custom health care programs have a myriad of benefits such as:
  • Adding value to your property
  • Reducing your heat and cooling costs
  • Managing storm water runoff
  • Adding social and psychological benefits to you and your family

We also offer complete Tree Care, Landscape Services, and Organic Services.

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Our Plant Health Care Services

Insect & Disease Management
Plant Insect & Disease Control

Our goal is to implement integrated pest management strategies in order to reduce insect and disease issues, and to protect the value of your landscape.

Custom Fertilization
Custom Fertilization

We assess the location, conditions and overall health of your trees and shrubs and then custom blend our organic fertilizers to meet the needs of your landscape.

Integrated Pest Management Strategies
Integrated Pest Management

The goal of integrated pest management is to protect your valuable landscape plants using low impact methods and ingredients to minimize insects, while maintaining environmental sensibility.

Root & Soil Management
Root & Soil Management

A gorgeous landscape begins with healthy soil, just as beautiful trees begin at the roots. We offer root and soil management to ensure optimal growing conditions.

Care of Boxwoods

Proper cultural care of boxwoods is pivotal in their health and performance.

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