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Located on Long Island Sound, Westport is the Connecticut town with the most ocean and river waterfront in Connecticut. This makes it a highly sought after destination for families that enjoy sandy beaches and scenic walks. The quality of life afforded by living on and near so many waterways is combined with a commitment amongst the residents to conserve natural resources and be active stewards of a healthy and thriving environment. Northeast Horticultural Services is the landscaping and tree management provider that understands how to cultivate nature to deliver beautiful results, creating and maintaining the ideal outdoor environments for residents throughout Westport.

Trust our Experts

We specialize in a wide range of horticultural services, including tree installation, pruning, tick management, and organic lawn care. Our expertise extends to the most intricate aspects of the industry, reflecting our deep passion for plants, trees, shrubs, and the environment. Our primary objective is to create a stunning landscape tailored to your specific requirements. With knowledge that surpasses that of a typical arborist, we guarantee your property will maintain its beauty year-round.

A Perfect Blend

We hold the firm belief that a well-crafted landscape goes beyond the mere placement of shrubs, trees, and flowers. As experienced landscape architects, we are adept at crafting stunning compositions that seamlessly integrate various elements, spanning from horticulture to arboriculture to earth science. Our meticulously designed and professional organic landscape services in Weston, Connecticut are guaranteed to surpass your every expectation.

Beautiful Results

For the most outstanding property on your block, trust our exceptional landscape and tree services to go above and beyond your expectations. We take pride in providing complimentary quotes and in-depth details about our extensive range of products and services. Don’t hesitate to reach out to our welcoming team today at 203-375-0553, and embark on the journey toward realizing the landscape of your dreams!

Our Services

Plant Health Care

Plant Health Care

At the heart of creating a superior landscape lies the pivotal choice of plants. We firmly adhere to the principle of selecting the perfect plant for the perfect location, fostering the vitality of your trees and shrubs. Our team of experts and highly skilled professionals collaborates with you to identify the ideal plants that harmonize with your property, lifestyle, architectural aesthetics, and environmental considerations.

Tree Care

Tree Care

At Northeast Horticultural Services, our certified arborists are dedicated to assisting you in making informed choices for your trees. Whether it’s determining the optimal time for tree removal or implementing cutting-edge tree care and preservation techniques, we prioritize the well-being of your trees and help you achieve your property’s objectives.

Landscape Services

Tree Care

Northeast Horticultural Services specializes in crafting and sustaining stunning outdoor environments that harmoniously blend aesthetics with environmental considerations. Our commitment to utilizing top-tier equipment and drawing upon extensive training and expertise ensures that you can take immense pride in your property, knowing it stands out like never before.

Organic Services

Organic Services

Northeast Horticultural Services presents organic land care programs that champion secure, wholesome property maintenance. We utilize organic and low-toxicity methods and products to safeguard the well-being of families, pets, wildlife, and the environment, reducing the risks of unnecessary exposure to harmful pesticides.

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