Root Management

The roots of the tree are the means by which the tree obtains water and soil nutrients. They also provide anchorage of the tree in the soil. Both of these functions are essential for a healthy, stable tree.

Tree roots are easily damaged by changes in soil level, trenching, soil compaction, drought and erosion. In turn, roots can also be problematic, sometimes causing damage to footpaths, walls and underground services. If the objective is to protect trees and infrastructure, it is essential to start with the roots.

At Northeast Horticultural Services, we provide the following root management services:
    • Establish Root Location
    • Installation of Root Barriers to Protect Hardscape
    • Root Pruning
    • Soil Injection Treatments
    • Mulch Application
    • Irrigation System Installation

 How Do We Manage Soil and Tree Roots?

One way we manage soil and roots is by using a tool called an air spade. The air spade allows for the quick and non-destructive excavation of soil for a variety of reasons. It is used a labor saving excavation tool that can be used to plant flowers and shrubs under the drip line of existing trees. It can create trenches in areas with utilities with minimum destruction to tree root systems.

The air spade is also a great diagnostic tool for sick trees. When we see problems above ground, it is generally associated with a problem that started in the root system. We use the air spade to excavate the soil without causing extensive damage to the root system.

Additionally, the air spade can be used for root collar excavations to expose girdling roots. It removes excess soil over the root flares to alleviate stress, and also used for root collar exposure for the treatment of root rot diseases. Most importantly, it can play a pivotal role in saving damaged trees. We use it to alleviate soil compaction and root damage caused by construction activity. The air spade process provides improved aeration to encourage new root growth.

If you have trees that are suffering and not flourishing, let us know. We will assess the tree and see if it will benefit from air spade technology.

Why Should You Care About Your Soil?

A gorgeous, healthy landscape begins with the soil. Testing the soil is an important step in determining soil chemistry, health of the soil, and discovering how to ensure optimal growing conditions for your plants.

We use soil testing because of the advantages it provides for improving your landscape. Most soil is lacking at least one essential nutrient. Soil that is nutrient deficient stresses the plant and results in insufficient growth and poor plant health. The first step to improving plant health is to have a soil analysis to diagnose if this is the source of your tree problem.

Our Soil Testing & Analysis Reports

Northeast Horticultural Services provides comprehensive soil analysis and detailed reports about the current health of your soil. Whether your goal is to improve plant health or maximize plant productivity, we offer testing services to identify problems with your plants and recommend the best way to improve the soil.

Standard testing services measure the calcium, magnesium, phosphorus, potassium, and pH level of the soil. In addition, a standard test will provide information about the base saturation, cation exchange capacity, and lime requirement index. If you require more information, additional testing can be done to measure the zinc, iron, manganese, nitrates, soluble salts and organic matter in your soil.

We also offer complete Tree Care, Landscape Services, and Organic Services.

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Root & Soil Management
Root & Soil Management
Root Injection
Soil Testing & Analysis

Our Plant Health Care Services

Insect & Disease Management
Plant Insect & Disease Control

Our goal is to implement integrated pest management strategies in order to reduce insects and disease, and to prevent future damage or destruction of the foliage in your home.

Custom Fertilization
Custom Fertilization

We assess the location, conditions and overall health of your trees and shrubs and then custom blend our organic fertilizers to meet the needs of your landscape.

Integrated Pest Management Strategies
Integrated Pest Management

The goal of integrated pest management is to protect your valuable landscape plants using low impact methods and ingredients to minimize insects, while maintaining environmental sensibility.

Root & Soil Management
Root & Soil Management

A gorgeous landscape begins with healthy soil, just as beautiful trees begin at the roots. We offer root and soil management to ensure optimal growing conditions.

Organic Tick Management
Tick Management

Our arborists will evaluate your property to assess the level of tick activity and create custom tick control protocols. We offer three different levels of control: organic, natural and synthetic.

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