How You Can Tell That Your Tree is Dead

A dead tree is a safety hazard. It can easily topple over and cause damage to your property or injure someone you love. It may also spread any diseases it may have to other trees you have. However, it is not always easy to tell that your tree is dead unless you are a professional tree service or know the signs. Here are some signs that indicate that your tree is dead:


  • Peeling Bark: If your tree’s bark is peeling and falling off, it is not healthy. The bark is a protective layer like human skin. If a tree isn’t receiving enough nutrients, it causes issues such as peeling bark.


  • Rot or Fungus: Signs of rot or fungus are always troubling signs. If you notice either of them, contact our tree service immediately. You may be able to treat the tree and prevent further tree damage. If the infection has spread too far and caused extensive damage, you will need tree removal.


  • The Tree is Leaning: Trees should never be leaning unless it is growing at an angle. A tree that has suddenly begun leaning is certainly not healthy. You may be able to brace it and prevent it from toppling over. However, that is only a temporary solution. You will have to cut that tree down eventually.


  • No Leaves: The lack of leaves on a tree is a clear sign of trouble. It may be caused by infection or root damage. Most of the time, the damage is irreparable, and the tree needs to be removed.


  • Pest Infestation: Termites, beetles, and ants that have taken over a tree are an issue. They can bore their way into the wood and cause structural instability. If caught early, you can have treatments applied to the tree to remedy the infestation. However, if not caught early and remedied, the damage will be far too great and the risk of the tree falling is too great. You will need tree removal done immediately.


  • Sticks on the Ground: Yes, branches will fall from your tree from time to time. However, seeing many branches on the ground is not healthy. Call a tree service to perform an inspection if you notice that your tree is constantly shedding branches.

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At Northeast Horticultural Services, we provide professional tree services to the Weston, CT area. A dead tree is a safety hazard that needs to be removed quickly. They can fall over and damage your property or injure someone that you love. If you notice some of the signs that are listed above, contact our tree service immediately!