The Optimal Time to Plant Trees

Planting trees at the right time increases the probability that they will survive and grow healthy. Plant it at the wrong time and it may not get the nutrients it needs to grow and thrive. It is crucial that you take into consideration the time of year that you plant your tree.

In general, the optimal time of the year for planting a tree is in early spring. This is the time when the ground begins to thaw. It allows the tree to establish its roots before it must deal with the stress of high heat, lack of water, and low temperatures. Trying to plant a tree in the winter months will be difficult as the ground will be harder to dig through and there will be fewer nutrients for the plant. Planting in the summer might be too hot for the tree and the potential lack of water can cause it to die. Each type of tree is unique though. Be sure to research the best conditions for planting the type of tree you are interested in.

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