Northeast Horticultural Services was happy to welcome members of the Tree Care Industry Association as they hosted the Chipper Specialist Training class at their facility in Stratford, Connecticut.

Accidents involving brush chippers are a significant concern for tree care and landscape employers and tree care workers who operate the equipment.

The Arborist Safety Training Institute and the Tree Care Industry Association has implemented a Chipper Operator Specialist course designed to train tree care crews in hazards, as well as accepted practices for brush chipper operation and other associated tasks. This course, which is designed for crew members who often do not receive formal training opportunities, will increase involvement with self-policing.

“We were happy to be the host for this important safety class.  A special thank you to all who attended and to Lou Hicks, an excellent educator and TCP Field Sales Rep at Morbark, LLC  for making it possible.,” says Stacey Marcell, owner of Northeast Horticultural Services.

About the Tree Care Industry Association (TCIA)

Founded in 1938, TCIA is a public and professional resource on trees and arboriculture. It has more than 2,300 member companies who recognize stringent safety and performance standards and who are required to carry liability insurance. TCIA also has the nation’s only Accreditation program that helps consumers find tree care companies that adhere to industry standards for quality and safety; maintain trained, professional staff; and are dedicated to ethical and professional business practices. With access to the latest and best safety standards and training, the typical TCIA member company has 50% fewer accidents than a typical non-member.

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