NOFA Soil Biology Organic Lawn Program

We are very excited to roll out our new NOFA inspired, Soil Biology Organic Lawn Program! Traditional Organic lawn programs are far better than harsh conventional programs, but they often fall short of clients’ expectations. Instead of just swapping out conventional pesticides and fertilizers with organic alternatives, this new program takes an entirely different approach, with the primary goal being to foster a healthy a robust soil biome, capable of providing the ecosystem services that will result in a lush, healthy lawn. By focusing on healthy soil biology, rather than pest elimination, we will ultimately create a more sustainable and self-sufficient lawn.

It is also one of the goals of this program to ultimately be low input and low cost; it is just a matter of nurturing your lawn and soil to that point. Unlike so many lawn programs out there, where it always seems like more, more, more, we hope to develop the soil in your yard so that the biologicals do most of the work, and we have to do less and less over time.

by Kate Odell, Licensed Arborist


Kate Odell, arborist and account manager for Northeast Horticultural Services, has a commitment to Integrated Pest Management (IPM) and sustainable tree and shrub care.  Through her extensive knowledge of plant biology, proper pruning practices, and plant pathology, Kate offers a comprehensive suite of skills that can develop, improve, and maintain any landscape or outdoor space.

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