Has another season gone by where you are still not satisfied with your lawn?

Lawn Renovation

Everyone knows that all normal lawn programs kick off in the spring; however, if you have a chronically under-performing lawn, or experienced some type of damage over the summer, just waiting until spring to start the process over again is a recipe for failure.  Why? Because fall is the best time of year to seed!  Whether it is simple, like touching up small problem areas, or as big as a full lawn renovation, fall is the perfect time to get a jump start on your lawn, and finally start to address a lot of the most common lawn issues through seeding.  With cooler temperatures and more rain, lawns that are sown in the fall have a far greater chance of success than those done in the spring, which often fizzle out in the summer heat.

Lawn Renovation

Seeding is a necessary part of any successful lawn care program.  For thick, lush, established turf, occasional core aeration with overseeding is all that is needed, but getting to that stage of the game requires time and work!  Especially with “problem lawns”, establishing grass density with the correct grass seed in the fall is the very first step.  Although there are tons of products out there to control weeds and insects, the number one way to keep a lawn healthy is maintaining density (and mowing high).  Exposed soil is an open invitation for weeds, which have no problem out competing grass.  Also, exposed soil gets much hotter than soil under dense turf.  The hotter the soil gets, the more stressed the grass is, and the more vulnerable to pests it becomes, or goes dormant.  The only way to create and maintain density is through seeding.

Lawn RenovationRemember, not all grass seed is created equal!  There are several grass types that do well in our region, and making sure that the correct grass types are used for your site conditions, and that it is of high enough quality, you can ensure the success of the seeding and start to develop the lawn of your dreams.

by Kate Odell, Licensed Arborist


Kate Odell, arborist and account manager for Northeast Horticultural Services, has a commitment to Integrated Pest Management (IPM) and sustainable tree and shrub care.  Through her extensive knowledge of plant biology, proper pruning practices, and plant pathology, Kate offers a comprehensive suite of skills that can develop, improve, and maintain any landscape or outdoor space.

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