Enjoy A Pop of Color During the Cold Months: Winter Interest Plantings
In New England, it’s essential to have a garden that is planned with four seasons in mind. Plants with cold weather interest bring brightly colored berries, blooms and interesting bark to your stark winter landscape.
We are able to add these shrubs to your garden up until the ground freezes.
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Siberian Cyprus
Heather Bun
Frasier Fir: Known as the classic Christmas tree, the fragrance and silhouette immediately reminds you of the winter holiday season.


Berries & Flowers:
Witch Hazel: The bright yellow and red blooms add a fiery color to your yard, and it’s recommended to plant these near your entrance to enjoy the fragrance it releases.


Paperback Maple
Red Twig Dogwood: White flowers in the spring and bright red stems in the winter make this one of the most beautiful all-season shrubs to have in your landscape.


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by Stacey Marcell, Licensed Arborist

Stacey Marcell

Stacey Marcell, owner of Northeast Horticultural Services, has a profound passion for the environment and the cultivation of healthy, attractive and sustainable trees and landscapes.  Her dedication to the environment and deep love for nature led her to form Northeast Horticultural Services.  She hopes to educate people to be good stewards of the earth and looks to form lasting relationships with clients so she can watch her landscapes grow to their full potential.

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